Graminy is an award-winning concert ensemble that fuses classical and grassroots music into a toe-tapping yet sophisticated style of Americana we call “class-grass.”  Our performances are energetic and dynamic, with generous improvisation. We play from notes on the page, and we take them off the page into the spontaneity of the musical moment. Our instrumentation blends a classical string trio (violin, viola, and cello) with elements of a bluegrass rhythm section (mandolin, guitar and banjo) to create something, as one reviewer put it, “…both complex and immediate, elusive and apparent.”

Graminy presents original compositions that reflect themes of ecology and place.   Our name derives from the botanical term for the grass family, Gramineae, as the music draws on the family of grassroots traditions, from all places and ecologies.

Graminy’s Thirsty Roots Collective plays barn dances and presents shows that feature band members as soloists and as duos, including Gaines and Wagoner and the Elm Duo.