My band's new album Live at the Brink wins a "world album of the year" award!

My band' Graminy's most recent album, Live at the Brink, has won the 2020 World Album of the Year award from the MAMAs! That's our third award-winning album! We're thrilled with this recognition, in part because getting an award in the "world music" category balances out our two previous awards in the "classical" category, for Germinations (2013) and for Dance of the Plants (2015). That's exactly how we see our music: a linking between classical and grassroots traditions, or what we call "class-grass."

Music lives! Mike to perform a livestream show with Graminy, Sept. 12th, 7pm

Mike's "class-grass" ensemble Graminy will be performing a livestream show for the River Arts Center, September 12th at 7pm. Details to follow!